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In a beautiful ceremony, there were laughs, smiles, and tears of joy as our 8th grade scholars stepped up to the high school. Our school community came together to celebrate the momentous occasion. We are so proud of our graduates, wish them the best of luck, and hope they stay in touch. Congratulations!!! 

Career Day

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Our 2nd Annual Career Day was a huge success! Our scholars were able to interact with volunteers from a variety of professions including: nurses, financial analysts, lawyers, a firefighter, a former NBA star, musicians, advertisers, and more. A big thank you to the 35 speakers who came in to meet with our scholars. It was such a memorable and rewarding day for all those involved. 

The Millrose Games: Track & Field

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Harlem Children’s Zone Track and Field team experienced great success at the 108th Millrose Games, held at the New Balance Armory. The Millrose Games is an invitational meet consisting of athletes from all over the nation. Our students had the opportunity to compete on the same stage as Olympic Gold medalists, some of the nation’s best college athletes and the nation’s elite high school athletes. Overall, it was a great experience for our athletes as it allowed them to witness where hard work and dedication can take them.

The 4x200m girls relay team consisted of two PA II middle school students.  They ran a team record with a time of 1:52.52 and came in 1st place!!!


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Our 7th and 8th graders attended a viewing of the Academy Award nominated film Selma. Our students were appreciative of the opportunity and found the film inspiring. They are eager to fight for social justice and make a difference in the world. "One dream can change the world!" 


The Lacrosse Program

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This is the first year of the Promise Academy II Lacrosse program, and it's going great. Most students are playing for the first time and have excelled quickly thanks to Coach Ward's tireless work ethic. They took part in a special practice led by Dom Starsia, the Hall of Fame Coach from the University of Virginia. They traveled to Andover, MA for a tournament in the fall, stayed with host families, and made new friends. Most recently, the team visited Citibank to learn about careers. 

Fall Retreats

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In November, the 6th and 7th grade traveled to North Salem Environmental Camp and the 8th grade explored Ramapo for Children. Students and staff bonded through team building games, ropes courses, and other exciting activities. We all learned about teamwork, trust, and community. Plus,we had a ton of fun at the same time! 

Strides Against Breast Cancer

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On Sunday October 18th, over 50 students, families, and staff members took part in the Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Our scholars campaigned all month by decorating the school and educating their classmates about breast cancer. We all came together as a community to walk through Central Park. The walk symbolized our scholars’ dedication to helping those in need, and it inspired others to believe that they can make a difference too. 

A Special Visit to Yankee Stadium

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On May 6th, several 9th grade scholars made a special visit to Yankee Stadium. Employees of Goldman Sachs and the New York Yankees met with our students to discuss career paths and ways to be successful in the future. Afterwards, we were given a tour of Yankee stadium and even got a chance to walk on to the field. Thank you to Goldman Sachs and the New York Yankees for their time and generosity. It was an incredible experience!

Spring New York Cares Day

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On April 12th, a group of students and staff members volunteered for Spring New York Cares Day. We cleaned and revitalized Franz Sigel Park in the Bronx. The park ranger was incredibly impressed with our effort, determination, and teamwork. We didn't realize it at the time, but we were later featured on the Channel 4, 6:00pm news. It was fun to be recognized on TV. We also got to meet a famous volunteer, actor Josh Duhamel (star of Transformers and husband of singer, Fergie.) We had a great time working together and giving back to the community. It was a wonderful day of giving back!

Student-Staff Basketball Game

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On April 4th, the students challenged the staff in basketball. It was a grand celebration that included basketball, music, and dance. While students and staff took the court, students MC’ed the event, and the DJ played some tunes.  The entire school came together to watch and cheer.  The female students were victorious over the female staff. The male staff snuck by thanks to the heroics of MVP Principal Dougherty.  We look forward to another student-staff game soon.  

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