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It’s fast and easy for your child to receive health care services through the School-Based Health Centers!
Dear Parent or Guardian:

We are happy to inform you that your child’s school has a New York Presbyterian Hospital School-based Health Center (SBHC) and a Columbia University Dental Center!   These health centers are co-located within the school and are staffed by licensed professionals. Your child can receive services in both centers in the school at No Cost to you, regardless of insurance status.  Please know that your child can use the health center services and see your other doctors as well.

 School-based Health Center Services include:

·     Complete physical examinations;

·     Medications and prescriptions;

·     Medical laboratory tests;  Immunizations

·     Medical care, including treatment for acute and chronic conditions;

·     Age appropriate reproductive health care;

·     Health education and counseling;

·     Screening for vision, asthma, obesity, and other medical conditions;

·     Mental health services;

·     Referral to  health insurance enrollers;

·     After hours Physician on call service

For your information, New York State Law now mandates that as a part of routine health care all medical providers must offer HIV testing to anyone between the ages of 13 and 64. 


Dental Examinations and treatment are offered at the health center but are provided by Columbia University DentCare professionals.


In order for your child to receive the School -Based Health Center comprehensive health services, and/or the Columbia University dental services, a parent or legal guardian must read, complete, sign and return the enclosed four (4) forms to the health center:


1.       NYC DOE/ New York Presbyterian Hospital Parental Consent Form

2.       Columbia University Parental Consent for Dental Services

3.       School-Based Health Center Parent Questionnaire / Health History Form

4.       Insurance Referral Form (Fill out only if you currently have NO insurance)


Signing the attached consents does not change your current insurance plan or coverage.

After signing these forms, have your child return them directly to the School Based Health Center located on the 5th floor. We look forward to meeting you and providing health services for your child. Feel free to visit or call both the practices. 

 New York Presbyterian Hospital School Based Health Center Telephone: (646) 537-4200
 Columbia University School Based Dental Center      Telephone: (646) 537-4242


Leon D. Smart, MHA
Practice Administrator

School Based Health Center

Achil Petit

Principal, Promise Academy Upper Elementary School

Shakira Petit

Principal, Promise Academy Junior High School

Marquita Speller

Principal, Promise Academy High School

Parental Consent Packet