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Why Promise Academy?

Join the Promise Academy family and make a difference in the lives of our kids.

Composed of two K-12 charter schools in the center of Harlem, Promise Academy is at the heart of Harlem Children Zone's unique “Pipeline to Success” birth-through-college network of programs. 

As an educator at Promise Academy, you will have access to services, resources and fellow team members to help fulfill our promise that all students graduate college

Drawing on that same promise, we are also committed to doing whatever it takes to strengthen our teamWorking at Promise Academy means:

Get the support you need
We address the entire child, making sure that we remove any barrier to his or her learning and success. We have school-based health centers, a social-work team, and a range of programs to support students and their families from cradle through college.

Work Collaboratively
We are a family rolling up our sleeves working together to be our very best for our scholars. We learn from one another through collaborative planning time, peer observations and cross school professional development. We support one another every step of the way.

Develop your skills and grow without limits
We are deeply committed to growing and rewarding talent. School leaders work regularly with you to help you hone your craft, try new approaches and improve your impact with your scholars. We will invest in your long-term career success and provide ladders of opportunity for your chosen path.

“An all-encompassing, all-hands-on-deck, anti-poverty effort that is literally saving

  generation of children.”

— President Barack Obama

  • 100% of the seniors from both our Promise Academy high schools were accepted to at least one college.

  • On the 2017 statewide math exam, students from both Promise Academy I and II outperformed the local district, New York City and New York State overall, as well as white students across the City and the State.

  • On the 2017 statewide English exam, students from both Promise Academy schools outperformed the local district, as well as New York City and New York State overall.

  • 100% of the Class of 2017 at both Promise Academy high schools passed an English, Science, and Social Studies Regents.


  • Harvard economist Roland Fryer found Promise Academy students had lower rates of incarceration, teen pregnancy and substance abuse, and had closed or were closing, the black-white achievement gap.