December 15, 2012 

Dear Promise Academy Parents and Guardians, 

The Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy Charter Schools would like to express our deepest condolences to the families in Newtown, Connecticut. 

In light of yesterday's tragic incident at Sandy Hook Elementary school, we are looking at how we can further improve our safety procedures and plans and have services available if scholars or parents need help coping with yesterday's heartbreaking event. Counseling is available to staff, students and families. If you or someone you know would like counseling, please call your parent coordinator. The contact information for the school parent coordinators is listed below. 


Geoffrey Canada, 
President and CEO 
Harlem Children's Zone 
Promise Academy Charter Schools

Family Resources for Helping Children Cope with Violence: 

Promise Academy Parent Coordinators 

PA1E: Vanessa Parker, 917.686.0618 
PA1JH: Patricia Rademaker, 917.468.8107 
PA1UE: Stephanie Cameron, 646.581.0902 
PA2E: Raymond Johnson, 646.234.6590 
PA2UE/M: Sylvia Blue, 347.266.8738